Blood Bowl: Team Manager

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    The stadium is packed with thousands of screaming fans, gathered from across the world and eager to see the bone-crushing action of today’s game. As the players take the field, a surge of excitement rushes from the bleachers; both teams boast impressive rosters full of players hand picked for their unique skills. Some offer speed, others size. Some will mercilessly injure their opponents, while others deviously cheat to score touchdowns. Are you ready to face off against stout Dwarfs, crafty Skaven, and ruthless Orcs, all to become Spike! Magazine’s Manager of the Year?

    Blood Bowl: Team ManagerThe Card Game is a bone-breaking, breathtaking card game of violence and outright cheating for two to four players. Chaos, Dwarf, Wood Elf, Human, Orc, and Skaven teams compete against each other over the course of a brutal season. Customize your team by drafting Star Players, hiring staff, upgrading facilities, and cheating like mad. Lead your gang of misfits and miscreants to glory over your rivals as you strive to become Spike!Magazine’s Manager of the Year!

    The season is starting. What kind of team will you build?

    Blood Bowl: Team Manager – The Card Game includes:

    • Over 150 Player and Matchup cards
    • 4 Scoreboards
    • 2 Tackle Dice
    • Rulebook
    • Over 50 Team and Staff Upgrade cards
    • Over 50 Customized Tokens

    - $39.99

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