Rock Paper Scissor Mayhem

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    Rock Paper Scissors meets Strategy.


    1) Each player gets one set of Rock, Paper, Scissors (RPS) cards.

    2) Deal 5 trick cards to each player.

    3) Each player puts one of their RPS cards face-down in front of them as their active RPS card.

    4) Players may not look at any active RPS cards (not even their own).

    5) Each player picks a trick card to play and holds it up to indicate they are ready.

    6) All players reveal their trick card simultaneously.

    7)Resolve the trick cards from lowest number first to highest last.

    8) When an RPS card is replaced, reveal the old card to all players. A card may never be replaced by itself.

    9) Play trick cards this same way until all players have played 3 of their trick cards.

    10) Each player reveals their RPS card, getting one point for each other RPS card they beat. Using the classic rock beats scissors, scissors beats paper and paper beats rock.

    11) Play to 7 points.

    These cards vary from allowing you to see your opponents unused RPS cards, to swapping yours to your opponents cards, to forcing your opponent to switch your card or even blocking moves.

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