Batman Miniature Game : Two-Player Starter Box

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    The new Batman Miniature Game two-player starter box is a new beginning where you can play BMG with your favorite characters from the hit movie “The Batman”.

    For this new BMG starter set we wanted to create 2 new crews so you can choose who you want to play with. Will you join Batman to fight crime and corruption, or will you be a member of Organized Crime to impose an oppressive power on the city?

    The choice is yours.


    - 1 Rulebook
    - 17 thermoplastic miniatures ready to assemble and paint.
    - 11 30mm plastic bases
    - 4 40 mm plastic bases
    - 1 60 mm plastic base
    - 1 Elliptical base
    - 61 Objective cards
    - - 22 Batman crew objective cards
    - 23 Organized Crime Objective Cards
    - 8 Encounter cards
    - 8 Event cards
    - 6 dice
    - +100 markers
    - Templates and measuring sticks

    Age recommendation:

    This product is not a toy. The product has been deemed appropriate for children of 14
    years of age based on its attributes.

    - $124.99

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