Batman Miniature Game : Objective Card Set #2

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    Product Code:KNMBMG020

    Objective Card Set #2 has the objective cards for all crews of BMG (except the Batman’s crew and Organized Crime objective cards.

    Those cards are included in the Batman Miniature Game two-player starter box). This Objective box is a perfect complement to the BMG two-player starter box and is essential for players looking for a good strategy to complete in tournaments.

    Inside you will find all the Objective Cards of the following crews:

    - Soldiers of Fortune
    - Riddler
    - Joker
    - Cults
    - The Penguin
    - League of Assassins
    - Birds of Prey
    - The Court of Owls
    - Two-Face
    - Mr. Freeze
    - Set of Generic Objective Cards
    - Character Objective Cards

    - $29.99

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