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Pre-release: Journey into Nyx

Magic the Gathering MtG Journey into Nyx Avant-Premiere Prerelease

Pre-orders Available

It's time for the latest expansion for Wizards of the Coast's Magic: the Gathering. Journey into Nyx will soon be available in store and you can now place pre-orders for your boxes!

Prerelease Events

Also, we will be hosting 5 prerelease events:

  • Friday, April 25 at 11:59 PM, 32 person limit, pre-registration required.
  • Saturday, April 26, at 10:30 AM and at 4:30 PM, 32 person limit.
  • Sunday, April 27, at 10:30 AM and at 4:30 PM, 32 person limit.

MtG Magic the Gathering Tournament This is a reminder that we will be hosting a Magic the Gathering Legacy Tournament this coming Sunday at noon.

You can check out the tournament details on the event page.

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